How can I place an order at the asisi GmbH SHOP?

1.  Place the item into the shopping cart

Select the product you wish to order by clicking on the shopping cart icon. In this way, the item you have selected will be placed in the shopping cart. You can change your order selection at any time by changing the number of items, by clicking the "Clear Shopping Cart" button or by stopping the order process. Proceed to the next step in the ordering process by clicking the "Proceed to Checkout" button.

2. Proceed to checkout

If you already have a customer account, log in using your e-mail address and password. Otherwise, please register as a new customer.We will acquire, process and utilise your data in accordance with the data protection regulations [data protection notice]).Your data will not be utilised in other ways or passed on to third parties. If you have already registered, you can now select the method of shipment.Proceed to the next step in the ordering process by clicking the "Continue" button.

3. Check billing information / Select method of payment

Please now check your billing information and select your desired method of [payment] . Proceed to the next step in the ordering process by clicking the "Continue" button.

4. Check mailing address/select method of shipment (method of shipment does not apply to ticket@home orders with no additional items)

Now check your mailing address and select your preferred method of [shipment] an. By clicking the "Continue" button, proceed to the next step in the ordering process.

5. Complete ordering process / General Terms and Conditions of Business and Data protection

You will now be given a summary of your order: the items you have selected, the shipment and billing address and your contact information.Please check whether all the information is correct and read the [General Terms and Conditions of Business] and the [information concerning the right of withdrawal] carefully. You can only continue the ordering process if you agree to the General Terms and Conditions of Business and the information on the right of withdrawal(by placing a check mark in the box). Submit the order to us by clicking the button "Place Order". Hereby you are submitting a legally binding offer.

Right of withdrawal for consumers

All information concerning the right of withdrawal can be found under [Withdrawal]

Contract language

The language available for the conclusion of the contract is German.

Asisi GmbH

In constant dialogue with science and art, Yadegar Asisi composes the largest 360° Panoramas in the world from photographies, sketches and paintings. These have been on display since 2003/2006 in the asisi Panometers in Leipzig and Dresden – both of which are listed former gasometers, serving as exhibition spaces for Asisis's art. Many other projects are in progress – both in Germany and abroad. The Panoramas have been on display in Berlin since 2011. 

More information at: www.asisi.de.