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TITANIC – The Promise of Modernity

Yadegar Asisi’s monumental 360° Panorama and its accompanying exhibition lead the visitors into the 19th and early 20th century when the industrialisation brought new materials and technical innovations to the life of man. On a scale of 1:1 and with a surface of more than 3500 m2 the panorama depicts the fascination for the achievements of the modern age as well as for its outstanding technology. At the same time, the picture questions the human domination of nature as it shows the luxury liner as a wreck that is slowly recaptured by the ocean and its dwellers.

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Asisi GmbH

In constant dialogue with science and art, Yadegar Asisi composes the largest 360° Panoramas in the world from photographies, sketches and paintings. These have been on display since 2003/2006 in the asisi Panometers in Leipzig and Dresden – both of which are listed former gasometers, serving as exhibition spaces for Asisis's art. Many other projects are in progress – both in Germany and abroad. The Panoramas have been on display in Berlin since 2011. 

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