The making of the 360° Panorama "BAROQUE DRESDEN – Myth of the royal city of saxony" on DVD


Leporello on the 360° BAROQUE DRESDEN Panorama with background information and fold-out Panorama

BAROQUE DRESDEN – Panorama Postcard

Yadegar Asisi’s 360° Panorama BAROQUE DRESDEN in the handy format of a postcard

BAROQUE DRESDEN – Panorama Poster

Yadegar Asisi’s 360° panorama “BAROQUE DRESDEN” in a large-scale poster format.


The soundtrack by Eric Babak to the 360° Panorama "BAROQUE DRESDEN – Myth of the royal city of Saxony" on CD (incl. original Yadegar Asisi vocals)

Book your online ticket here to visit the asisi Panometer in Dresden with its 360° Panorama!

Ein Roman von Ralf Nürnberger, erschienen 2015 bei der asisi GmbH im Rahmen der asisi EDITION.

Perfect gift! Here you can buy flexible tickets for a visit of the Panometer Dresden

In text and vision the magazine’s special issue in English language gives an overview of the panoramas by Yadegar Asisi.

The film portrait “360° Panoramas – Images transformed into space” on the largest 360°-Panoramas in the world by the Berlin artist Yadegar Asisi as a DVD

YADEGAR ASISI – Retrospective

The whole variety of Yadgar Asisi’s panoramas collected in one complete art work

Asisi GmbH

In constant dialogue with science and art, Yadegar Asisi composes the largest 360° Panoramas in the world from photographies, sketches and paintings. These have been on display since 2003/2006 in the asisi Panometers in Leipzig and Dresden – both of which are listed former gasometers, serving as exhibition spaces for Asisis's art. Many other projects are in progress – both in Germany and abroad. The Panoramas have been on display in Berlin since 2011. 

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