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The soundtrack by Eric Babak to the 360° Panorama "LEIPZIG 1813 – In the turmoil of the Battle of the Nations" on CD (incl. original Yadegar Asisi vocals)
LEIPZIG 1813 – Soundtrack by Eric Babak


The soundtrack by Eric Babak to Yadegar Asisi's 360° Panorama consists not only of the original background sounds from the asisi Panometer but also a poem by Heinrich Heine set to music and a vocal piece from Yadegar Asisi himself. 
Total length: 32:51, composed by: Eric Babak, published by: Neue Welt music publishing house List of titles: 1. In der Ferne – Hauptthema zu Leipzig 1813 (5:17) 2. Leipzig 1813 – Original Soundtrack aus dem Panometer (14:27) 3. In der Fremde – Strophe 1 (vertontes Gedicht von H. Heine) (1:11) 4. In der Fremde – Strophe 2 (vertontes Gedicht von H. Heine) (1:11) 5. In der Fremde – Strophe 3 (vertontes Gedicht von H. Heine) (1:54) 6. Krieg (0:58) 7. Soldaten singen in der Nacht (2:36) 8. Mara Beboos (Gesang: Yadegar Asisi, Klavier: Eric Babak) (5:05)

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In constant dialogue with science and art, Yadegar Asisi composes the largest 360° Panoramas in the world from photographies, sketches and paintings. These have been on display since 2003/2006 in the asisi Panometers in Leipzig and Dresden – both of which are listed former gasometers, serving as exhibition spaces for Asisis's art. Many other projects are in progress – both in Germany and abroad. The Panoramas have been on display in Berlin since 2011. 

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